Lire's Brother 2

Lire and Ladmir

"Taking care of you in our parents' stead is my mission." - Ladmir to Lire -

Ladmir Eryuell is an elf of Eryuell Island and Lire's older brother. He is the one who brought her up after they lost their parents. Though he is not good at close combat, Ladmir wields supreme magical ability among the young magicians of Eryuell Island. Despite his young age, he is one of the major figures in Eryuell Island and holds great influence over the elves.

Ladmir is a calm individual with a great sense of responsibility and leadership. He was initially against Lire joining the Grand Chase, but relented after time. He claims that taking care of Lire in place of their deceased parents is his mission, and develops a huge sister complex as a result. After Lire's departure, is rumored to hold her portrait and cry every night.

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