Krakos or Kancer is the boss of Lake Aurora and resembles a very large crustacean. His large size may seem intimidating, but the Chase rather find him as a feast instead.

Eying the large crab, Arme is "grateful" to a Bermesiahn Goddess for encountering Krakos as they the group are about to feed on him.
After his defeat, Krakos is shocked how his massive shell was broken, but mutters unimportant details about his "master" before he dies. Jin theorizes that he had nothing to do with the waters of Lake Aurora, and believes something happened to King Guang.


Krakos has surprisingly few attacks for a boss, his most common attack is swinging his claws dealing minor damage if they hit. He also slams his claws on the ground causing stalactites to fall from the ceiling, this can only be avoided by standing under him. Shortly after the stalactites stop falling he slams his body against the ground hurting players if they are too close.

Krakos can also charge forward launching players into the air if he hits them, his final attack involves breathing poisonous bubbles onto the platform above him, preventing players from hiding outside his attack range.


  • There is a pet modeled after Krakos, named Krustaccio.
  • Although Krakos is speculated to be a "Claw Shrimp", he is a indeed a Crab.
  • He is the largest, lowest-level Boss.

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