Kounat Royal Family Symbol

Emblem of the Kounat Royal Family.

The Kounat Royal Family was the clan of Celestials responsible for the development of Kounat and its inhabitants. The royal family was the only people capable of withstanding the "Geas" that came with the ability to control the Soul Stone and the Aernas Hammer.

After the massive explosion that wiped Kounat off the map, Mari is the only living heir to the royal family.

Known MembersEdit

Mari Ming OrnetteEdit

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Mari is the is the only remaining member left and heir. During the last minutes of Kounat's existence, she was secured in an escape pod, however, because the explosion’s progress was mostly proceeding, the pod failed to receive requisite power and failed to launch. She was successfully saved by Void, who was observing her for his own purposes.

When Mari awoke in the present time, she had lost her memories and thus left to wander Xenia, thirsting for knowledge. She was first encountered studying the origins of a DK Mark-I in the Temple of Destruction. After hearing that Sieghart is an "immortal" and verifying it herself, she joined the Grand Chase to research him.

Hadunak Myu OrnetteEdit

Hadunak was the younger brother of the Kounat King and Mari's father. Not much is known about him, except that he perished in the explosion that destroyed Kounat.

Kounat KingEdit


Kounat King in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser.

One of the kings that ruled Kounat was Hadunak's brother. In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, the Kounat King was corrupted by Baldinar and forced to fight the Grand Chase until killed by Esnar, much to his relief.