For the playable character whose last name is Isolet, see Lass.

Knight Master Isolet[1] is one of the founders of the Grand Chase, who recruits Elesis, Lire, and Arme to their guild. She is the guardian of the kingdom of Serdin.

As the quest NPC for the Serdin region, the Knight Master is only seen in dialogue of Serdin's dungeons. She gives missions to the trio until they reach Gorgos' Dungeon, where she sends them off to find Kaze'aze and wishes them luck.

Speaking to Lass, she does not judge him by his past and does not hold him responsible for his actions while possessed, instead giving him a chance to start over.


  • Despite the Knight Master's real name being Lothos Isolet, there is currently no confirmation of a familial relationship between her, Lass, and Rufus by extension.
  • In Grand Chase V, Knight Master becomes the quest NPC for the Serdin region.
  • In the Grand Chase Comic Guide, the Knight Master helps a beginner named Aimee to start the game.



  1. At the first mission of Trial Forest, she introduced herself as Knight Master Isolet.

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