Khufu is the boss of Deserted Town. He appears as a baby riding atop a giant Scorping.

He initially stole the treasure from the Kungjis of Kungji Village, however shortly after Khufu was robbed by a hooded man, who told him that the treasure didn't belong to him before vanishing.
Once the Grand Chase arrive to recover the treasure and defeat Khufu, Elesis interrogates him by punching him senselessly until he spills the beans. After revealing that the hooded man may have been from Ra Canyon, Khufu leaves.
It is later revealed that the hooded man was Barakhufu and that the treasure stolen was a fragment of the Crown of Sands, plotting to use it along with other fragments to gain power.


Khufu enters the battle with two shields that have to be destroyed using the bombs provided by the turrets at both ends of the map. Each bomb will destroy one shield, and Khufu can only be damaged once both shields are destroyed. The shields will regenerate after a short interval of time.

Due to Khufu's dwarfish size, Khufu's scorpion steed attacks his enemies for him. Its main attack is to dive underground, bursting up a few seconds later underneath the player and knocking them up. It may also strike a player with its claws - either by slamming down or swiping, or attempt to stab them with a thrust of its tail.

Occasionally, the scorpion will stab its claws into the ground, summoning pillars of fire all over the map that will damage players who come into contact with the flames. It may also summon a horde of eggs that will, unless destroyed, eventually hatch into Scorpings.  


  • Khufu is likely to be named after the Khufu in real life, an ancient egyptian pharaoh.

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