Map 1

The First Map Piece

Map 2

The Second Map Piece

Map 3

The Third Map Piece

Map 4

The Fourth Map Piece

Full Map

The Full Map

Kaze'aze's Map Pieces are a fourth of a sliced map containing the whereabouts of Kaze'aze's Castle. They are held by the Red Gorgos, Gaikoz, Partusay, and Kamiki in the specific order. They were removed in Season 4: Grand Chase Chaos.

Kaze'aze herself has the Full Map.


Back in Season 1, Kaze'aze's Castle could only be entered if the entire party had at least one of each piece. When entered, all the four pieces come into one, creating the Full Map.

Since then, the map pieces are gathered to obtain equipments of the general who held the map. The player must have the map in possession to purchase the item. However, Kamiki lacked her items in the shop, the fourth map piece is useless.

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