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Kanavan is one of the two kingdoms that rule on Bermesiah, the other being Serdin. It is the kingdom of swordsmanship and many phenomenal swordsmen, such as Elesis, Ronan, Elscud and Sieghart hail from Kanavan. There are also four known organizations within the kingdom: the Kanavan Royal Guard, the Ruby Knights, the Kanavan Trackers, and the Existor.

Kanavan is currently ruled by a Queen and once a King when first founded. Similarly, Serdin is ruled by a Queen as well, but with no mention of a King in its history.


Esnar Din KanavanEdit

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General Esnar Din Kanavan was a knight of Kounat who survived the great explosion and led its citizens in Bermesiah. She would then establish the kingdom of Kanavan and succeed King Kanavan as the ruler.

King KanavanEdit

The kingdom of Kanavan was first ruled by an unnamed King. There is nothing known about him other than having a brother who would have established the Serdin kingdom but died during a trip with Mage Scarde.

Eckhart SieghartEdit

Eckhart Sieghart was the first known leader of the Ruby Knights. He rejected the top general position bestowed upon him by King Kanavan and led the Ruby Knights across the land to find areas inhabited by monsters.

There is nothing else known about Eckhart other than being the ancestor of the Siegharts.

Ercnard SieghartEdit

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Ercnard Sieghart is the 35th successor of the Sieghart lineage and once famed as the legendary swordsman of Kanavan before his sudden disappearance. Hundreds of years after, he came back to the kingdom as an immortal bearing the name "Sieghart".

Karina ErudonEdit

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Karina Erudon was a former member of the Kanavan Royal Guard and a friend of the Kanavan and Serdin Queens, Anyu and Enna when they were princesses. On their way back to Kanavan from an exchange training, Karina and several royal family members were annihilated by Ashtaroth, wiping all of them but Karina and the princesses. However, he cast a demonization spell upon Karina which led to the accusation of her being responsible for the genocide. Eventually, she was banished from Kanavan for eternity.

The hatred for humans grew in Karina and decided to follow the traces of evil energy, bringing her to Ashtaroth. Through him, she learned how to use demonic powers and was reborn as Kaze’aze.

Elscud SieghartEdit

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Elscud Sieghart was the former leader of the Ruby Knights and Elesis' father. As a member of the Kanavan Trackers, he left the kingdom in pursuit of Kaze'aze but never returned.

Queen of KanavanEdit

Queen of Kanavan

Concept art of Anyu.

Anyumena Din Kanavan[1], or simply Anyu, is the current Queen of Kanavan. Under Kaze'aze's possession, she waged war against Serdin for five years. It was only until Queen Enna's enchantment that freed Anyu from Kaze'aze's grasp. She then devised the Kanavan Trackers to hunt for Kaze'aze but unfortunately, none ever returned. Later on, her being would be sealed perfectly by Kaze'aze which led Enna to form Grand Chase in hopes of defeating the sorceress.

There is nothing else known about Anyu other than she used to be friends with Enna and Karina Erudon. She also owned the doll Claudia at one point.

Ronan ErudonEdit

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Ronan Erudon is the current Royal Guard Master. During the five-year war, Kaze'aze's influence over Queen Anyu extended to Ronan which caused him to mercilessly attack the opposing kingdom. It was not until Queen Enna's enchantment to Anyu that in time freed him from the possession.

He first met Grand Chase at the Gorge of Oath as he was heading to defeat Gaikoz and later joined the team at Gaikoz's Castle.

Harpe NoirEdit

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Harpe Noir was Ronan's page and a member of the Erudon family's intelligence unit Existor. Harpe treated Ronan as his greatest companion and stayed by his master's side even during the five-year war.

Elesis SieghartEdit

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Elesis Sieghart is the recent captain of the Ruby Knights and Elscud's daughter. She joined Grand Chase in hopes of finding his father after the Kanavan Trackers disappeared.


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The second disciple of Asin Tairin was a nameless boy who was bullied and had no friends. When the boy saved the badly wounded Asin, he returned the favor by training him with Silver Land's martial arts. However, Tairin died during another invasion by monsters.

The young boy swore to become stronger than anyone else and took Asin's name as his. Then he set out to find his master's prodigious pupil, Jin.


Players must clear Gorgos' Dungeon to access Kanavan.


The following dungeons are in the Kanavan region of Bermesiah, in order of appearance:

Elven Forest
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 12-14

Champ: Level 15-17 ▐ Crest: Elf Guardian

Gorge of Oath
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 14-16

Champ: Level 17-19 ▐ Crest: Knight's Oath

Marsh of Oblivion
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 16-18

Champ: Level 19-21 ▐ Crest: Swamp Ranger

Forsaken Barrows
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 18-20

Champ: Level 21-23 ▐ Crest: King of Death

Forgotten City
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 20-22

Champ: Level 23-25 ▐ Crest: Pioneer of Enlightenment

Gaikoz's Castle
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 22-24

Champ: Level 25-27 ▐ Crest: Knighthood



  • Kanavan is the only kingdom known to have a Colosseum.



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