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Job Changes allows a character to obtain new job classes. Job changes are available for all characters. Each character has a total of four, though some have yet to be implemented.

The second, third, and fourth job change can be obtained by buying the specific mission scroll from the Academy tab in the shop and completing the quest given. As of Grand Chase Chaos, a level requirement no longer exists for buying these missions.

Changing Classes

The MP characters (Elesis, Lire, Arme, Lass, Ryan, Ronan, Amy, Jin, Sieghart, and Mari) change classes by wielding different job weapons. For example, if players equip a Staff for Arme, then they will be able to use her 1st class, Magician. If they equip a Lamp, however, then Arme will then change to her 3rd class, Warlock. These characters may also use the Dual Wielding System to equip up to two different class weapons but only if they have unlocked that class.

AP and AMP characters (Dio, Zero, Ley, Rufus, Rin, Asin,Lime, Edel, and Veigas), on the other hand, all only have one job weapon and all of their classes "stack" together, allowing them to use both previous and newer abilities simultaneously.

If the character is not equipped with a weapon, however, the character will wield a seemingly "wooden" or "dull" version of their first job weapon.

Second Job Change Quest

Level Part Description Dungeon Difficulty Objective Reward(s)
20 1 - Marsh of Oblivion - Investigate HP Potion(M)x2
MP Potion(M)x2
Mystery Potion(M)x2
2 - Forsaken Barrows - Slay 8 Zombie Stone Orcs
3 - Forgotten City - Slay Paradom and collect 3 Orbs.
4 - Anywhere - Slay 100 lv ± 2 monsters

Lv0 2nd Job Fusion Set (4 Days), lv20 2nd Job Practice Weapon, +10 Bag

Third Job Change Quest

Level Part Description Dungeon Difficulty Objective Reward(s)
30 1 - Ruins of the Silver Knights - Investigate HP Potion(M)x2
MP Potion(M)x2
Mystery Potion(M)x2
2 - Lake Aurora - Slay 4 Coral Fiends
3 - King Guang's Fen - Slay King Guang 5 times
4 - Anywhere - Slay 120 lv ± 2 monsters
5 The Crucible Investigate twice Lv0 3rd Job Fusion Set (7 Days), lv 30 3rd Job Practice Weapon, +10 Bag

Fourth Job Change Quest

Level Part Description Dungeon Difficulty Objective Reward(s)
40 1 - Partusay's Sea Champion Mode Clear 6 times HP Potion(L)
MP Potion(L)
Mystery Potion(L)
2 - Kamiki's Castle - Slay Kamiki and collect 6 Lesser Orbs
3 - Temple of Fire - Slay Basilisk and collect 6 Greater Orbs
4 - Anywhere - Slay 250 lv ± 2 monsters
5 - Sanctum of Destruction - Clear 4 times Lv0 4th Job Fusion Set (7 Days), lv40 4th Job Practice Weapon, +10 Bag

Fourth Job Crests


The Job Crests.

During the time of the 4th Job's release, a character Crest was distributed to whomever obtained the said Job during the event with the exception of Rama, who had to do a 4th mission instead. They are Hero of Bermesiah, The Light of Nations, Crest of the Grand Magnus, Shadow Master, Nature's Guardian, Legendary Abyss Knight, God's Delegate, Protector of the Gods, and God's Knight.

All fourth jobs created after Prime Knight (Geas, Dusk Bringer, Arbiter, Advancer, and Dark Origin) do not possess one.


  • Originally, Prime Knight did not have a crest until the Gladiator Skill Tree was released.
  • The Job Changes for the AP Characters was based off of the Job Changes in Elsword, where the characters retain their weapon and fighting style while receiving new abilities.
  • All Job Change Armors were removed from the shop, and turned into Fusion armor given as rewards for completing a job advancement.


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