Game Start

"I'll give it my all!"
"I'm Jin of the Silver Knights!"
"A warrior may choose peace. All others are condemned to it!"
"Burn! My warrior spirit!"
"Will you walk the path of Asura?"
"May combat not stain the souls of those who fight!"
"I will show you the way of the warrior!"
"You chose your own destiny!"

When Attacking

"Take this!"
"Come on!"
"This is it!"


"Big Shot!"


"You really are troublesome."
"I take it your silence is often mistaken for confusion."
"At least attempt to defend yourself."
"Your temper will make a fool of you soon enough!"
"Hah! And you worked so hard too."
"If you are a warrior, show some honor!"


"Ugh! How absurd!"
"Psh! Fail..."

Game End

"For this victory, I'm truly grateful."
"My name is Jin. It would be best to remember it."
"It's okay. You haven't seen anything yet."
"This victory, will be forever be engraved in my heart."
"Too bad... Your path ends here."
"I will not waste time with compassion."
"Let's meet again at the top."
"One day, you too will be able to stand where I am."