New Monster Hero – Drunken Frog Guemwa

Jeremiah is an anthropomorphic frog NPC that is encountered four times in the event dungeon, Moonlight Village.

He cannot be attacked by the player in the first room and the hidden path, but is hostile towards them in the first room as his intent was to chase them away so that they would not end up like him. However, if the normal path is taken, then players will face him as one of the many enemies alongside Lotus.

Jeremiah has to be protected in the hidden room in order to face the hidden boss, Gumiho. If he dies to the Tiger Traders' and Maniacal Merchants' attacks, players will only face the default boss, Lotus.


Jeremiah was originally a merchant who had been traveling with his friends over a mountain when they got lost. They ended up trapped within the Moonlight Village, and all of them but him died.

Gumiho stole his essence and turned him into the frog creature, promising to spare Jeremiah's life if he could lure humans into the village. However, Jeremiah cannot stand to see more humans sacrificed due to his deeds, which was why he tried to chase the Grand Chase away.

After the Grand Chase manage to save Jeremiah from some trouble with a group of Tiger Traders and Maniacal Merchants, he assists them in their battle with the Gumiho.

After the Gumiho is defeated, Jeremiah expresses his guilt at being alive while all his friends are dead. He then decides to traverse the world and rescue people who are attacked by monsters, seeking forgiveness from his friends in the process. Elesis offers for him to join their party, but he declines, claiming that he is comfortable with being alone.


Jeremiah has three attacks: he will drink alcohol and either spit it or breathe flames at his enemies, or he will summon six teal-colored spheres around him and fire them. He may also summon two poison toads to fight for him, though he only uses this attack when the normal path is taken.

When fighting the Gumiho, Jeremiah will create two lotus leaf umbrellas that will shelter the player from the falling red orbs the Gumiho summons.

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