Dungeon monsters drop certain items unobtainable through the shop. They do not drop all the time, however increasing the difficulty improves the drop rate for such items. Increasing the difficulty does not increase the chance of obtaining quest items however.

During certain events the drop rate of items may also increase, still with the exception of quest items.

Use ItemsEdit



Seal Breaker GemsEdit

Elesis Lire Arme Lass Ryan
Elesis orb

Sealed Red Gem

Lire orb

Sealed Green Gem

Arme orb

Sealed Purple Gem

Lass orb

Sealed Blue Gem

Ryan orb

Sealed Orange Gem

Ronan Amy Jin Sieghart Mari
Ronan orb

Sealed Indigo Gem

Amy orb

Sealed Pink Gem

Jin orb

Sealed Crimson Gem

Sieghart orb

Sealed Black Gem

Mari orb

Sealed Cerulean Gem

Dio Zero Ley Rufus Rin
Dio orb

Sealed Amaranth Gem

Zero orb

Sealed Olive Gem

Ley orb

Sealed Gem

Rufus orb

Sealed Mauve Gem

Rin orb

Sealed Turquoise Gem

Asin Lime Edel Veigas ???
Asin orb

Sealed Indigo Gem

Lime orb

Sealed Lime Gem

Edel orb

Sealed Gem

Veigas orb

Sealed Gem

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