King Fang

King Fang, also known as Drake in other servers, is the boss of King Fang's Lair, making him the sixth boss of Silver Land. He appears as the Infernal Death Worm in The Crucible.

He was a beloved friend of King Guang. After he died, a "messenger" brought information to Fang that Guang was murdered, and Fang becomes enraged.
The Chase appeal to Fang, but he attacks them from blindness of anger. After he becomes defeat, Fang apologizes to Guang because he failed to avenge him. Jin responds that Fang was misled, as Guang took his own life, not assassinated. Upon hearing the truth, Fang apologizes to the Chase for acting so violently.
Fang reveals that the messenger had an aura similar to those of a Silver Knight, but the aura was like a dark fog rather than clear, bright energy.

It was stated by Jin that the Bloodwind Orc Clan was assaulting King Fang, but nothing about them was said when the group encounters King Fang. Fang probably recruited them to defend himself, but this is highly unlikely.


King Fang has a few attacks he will use against players. One is where he will breathe fire in a diagonal line towards the ground which burns the ground for a time. Another is when he may sweep his tail or stretch his body out to bite.
An interesting attack is where he will momentarily leave the screen, and then shoot across the room or come up from the ground, then spin and return to attacking.

Infernal Death Worm

King Fang's Infernal counterpart and Mini-Boss in The Crucible. The Death Worm has metal braces around it's head. Unlike King Fang, the head must be attacked in order to deal damage, otherwise, hitting the body has no effect.

It attacks by breathing fire on the field, spitting fireballs which erupt into flames, biting twice with the metal braces, a "Danger" attack by pounding itself down once to produce an earthquake, and a "Danger" attack where it pounds the ground three times which causes flaming rocks to drop from above and leave a DoT effect.

The Infernal Death Worm has a unique ability to conceal it's head using the metal braces, turning all damage into 1. However, it won't be able to do anything during this phase.


  • King Fang and Hideous Borers are similar in appearance, and it is possible they are related in some way. They even share a few attacks.
  • King Fang may have similar traits to Starkiln, as they both were immediately angered upon hearing "trouble" brought to their "friends".
  • Ironically he looks almost identical to King Guang. It is believed that they may actually be cousins or brothers, not friends.

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