Iron Guard

The Iron Guard (or Hammermon) is a big, iron creature resembling a Golem, living in The Wyrm's Maw. The Infernal Guard and Infernal Cursed Guard live in The Crucible.


It mainly performs a swing to nearby enemies. It can also use an earthquake attack. The guard may project its fists simultaneously downward on both ends, or diagonally upward with one hand.

Infernal GuardEdit

The Iron Guards in The Crucible have become Infernal Guards. They lose their ability to project their fists, but attack by pounding the ground with a followed punch or shoot medium-sized fireballs from their hands.

Hellstrom is capable of summoning Infernal Guards in a group of four, covering much of the battlefield. He can also shoot a flaming skull that turns players into Infernal Cursed Guards for a short time. Infernal Cursed Guards are marked with small flaming skulls on their heads, are very red and slightly transparent, and are slightly larger than their normal counterparts. Unlike Naamah's Feeble Gaunts, a Cursed Guard's duration is slightly longer, the Guard is more resilient to attacks, and the players will be freed from grasp when the Cursed Guard is destroyed.

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