Ice Wyrm Spawn, found at Altar of Judgment

Ice Wyrm Spawns, also known as Freezing Kencrus or Freezing Kenkr are a type of monster found in the Altar of Judgement. They resemble the Wyrm Spawns found in The Wyrm's Maw except they are icy blue instead of fiery red.


Ice Wyrm Spawns are capable of using a short combo on players, unlike their fiery counterparts. They are also able to charge into players, and can not be knocked down then. Also, Ice Wyrm Spawns can breathe icy mist instead of fire, which of course, can freeze.


  • Unlike their firey counterparts, they make a screeching when they die, wereas the Fire ones say nothing.
  • It is unknown how these are Ice creatures instead of Fire. They may have (forbiddenly) crossed into the Altar of Judgment, which then corrupted them into Ice.

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