Official art of Iblis.


Iblis' (Possessed)



Iblis (or Evilis) is the mini-boss of the Fortress of Ascension, who claims to be a Goddess. She is also a temple maiden.

Iblis is a devotee who is especially cherished by Thanatos above all others. He calls her his 'beloved Iblis', and created weaponry that could make even other deities cower in fear based on her namesake before he fell under darkness, though it is not known if she has ever used them. She tried to stop him once she got sense of his evil ambitions, but he managed to bring her under his control.

After her defeat, she feels depressed on why Thanatos would bastardize her. As the Chase begin to leave, she asks that if Thanatos requests that he were to turn into a different sort of form, he should be spared.


Iblis does not attack. Instead, she has a summon, of sorts, fight for her that resembles a large suit of armor. Note that the Armor can be hit, but will not be damaged, and therefore, only Iblis must be harmed.

The summon has a few attacks, but they can be very damaging. One attack is where it will shoot out a beam at each player at once, for a total of four beams. Another attack is where it will teleport behind a player and rapidly slash him or her, sometimes killing the player. A third attack is where the summon will swipe its arm, catching any player in front of it. A fourth attack is when the summon extends large claws and swipes upward, sending any players caught upward.
Occasionally, the armor may reach out its hands infront of Iblis, blocking any incoming attacks.

Iblis spawns with two Dark Hierophants, and is capable of summoning any more if possible.

Sometimes there is a noticeable glitch that, whenever the armor defends Iblis, she may gain a mass defense increase which usually makes all damage into 1.


  • She claims to be a Goddess, which means she might be Thanatos' sister or his wife.
  • In the dialog preceding the fight with Iblis, she reminds Lass of his past.
  • When seen, Iblis' skin is palish but when defeated, it turns natural-like.
  • It is heavily noted that Iblis' possessed eyes are exactly the same as the Possessed Lass' and the Dark Prime Knight's.
  • In Indonesian/Malaysia, the word "Iblis" also means "Demon".
  • She's Height 175cm.