A Hideous Borer

The Hideous Borer, also called Giant Worm, is a type of monster found at the Temple of Destruction. They are a small, brown, rock-like snake creature with pincers. They resemble King Fang in appearance.

Hideous Borers can be summoned by DK Mark-Is, but they do not count as required monsters to be defeated to move on to the next room. Because of that, however, they are able to attack players that are in the portal and knock them out.


Hideous Borers have a few attacks. One is where they will lunge three times in front of them, attacking players in their way. Another is where they will slide to the end of the screen, going off the edge of platforms, sometimes dragging players with it. The Borers are also able to roll into a ball and attack rapidly in front of them. Finally, they can spit a green liquid at players, draining their health if they get hit.

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