Monster Hera


Heras are one of the monsters in the Fortress of Ascension. They resemble three faces stuck together and have the ability to levitate. According to a quest description, it is the head of the goddess Hera which the Ascendant God managed to possess.


Hera's fighting style is slightly similar to Paradom's. It can fire a short-ranged soundwave similar to the Siren, only that it doesn't cause a confusion. It may fire two long lasers to the left and right simultaneously, covering almost the width of the whole map and dealing multiple hits to anyone caught in them. Occasionally, it can target a player with a pink cage with several enchantment symbols; if the player doesn't move away after being targeted (unless it has Petrify whereas the AoE symbol will do so), Hera releases a infinite vertical laser that deals massive and multiple damage while throwing the player(s) very high. The other move Hera can use is signaled by a DANGER warning: Hera spins, then releases a violet-red fog attack on all players Hera is facing, which causes multiple hits


  • This monster is named after Hera, the queen of the Greek Gods.

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