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Hellstrom (or Vulcanus) is the mastermind behind The Crucible. He is a high ranked demon who recruits and enslaves beings that trespass into his dimension. Like Naamah's minions, Hellstrom's Infernals appear soulless and are not of this world.

Hellstrom, sensing creatures not of his realm, calls his Infernal minions to bring them to him for enslaving.
The fiery demon welcomes the Chase to The Crucible and finds them fascinating. Dio senses danger, and when Ronan asks if he knows anything about Hellstrom, the flaming demon denies knowledge and begins treating the mortals as his slaves. Hellstrom's true motives are currently unknown.


Hellstrom attacks by punching the ground, launching a firey tornado at his opponent's location, shoots a large meteor that pushes opponents and explodes, generates a flaming aura, and a "Danger" where he launches multiple large flaming lava pillars from left to right dealing high damage.

This demon is capable of moving, but can't jump. His body slightly levitates off ground, and is also capable of teleporting.

He can spawn up to 4 Infernal Acolytes and 4 Infernal Guards, which will respectively heal Hellstrom and their comrades while taking up so much room space. He can also temporarily turn players into Infernal Cursed Guards, like how Naamah turns her enemies to Feeble Gaunts. Unlike the Feeble Gaunts, however, players will be freed from the transformation if the transformed Infernal Cursed Guards are killed.

Eventually, Hellstrom's Demon Core will activate. At some point after the Core's activation, Hellstrom stops taking damage. Destroy the core at the center of the map on the top platform to remove Hellstrom's invincibility.

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