Specialattribute darkspear

The Hell Spear

The Hell Spear is a property that can only be obtained through random selection. It has a visual effect of a dark-colored spear. The Hell Spear was introduced in Grand Chase Chaos.

Certain events will recolor the Hell Spear to a golden hue.


In order to obtain the Hell Spear property, players must select the Random button when assigning properties on a piece of equipment. In order to apply the Hell Spear property to a piece of equipment that already has properties, the properties must be reset using a Random Prop Reset Form. It is not guaranteed that the Hell Spear property will be obtained using Random property selection.

Hell Spear comparison

A regular attack compared to a Hell Spear attack.


The Hell Spear gives approximately 10% chance to do fixed additional damage based on the player's Hell Spear stat (100% of stat in Dungeon, 5% of stat in PvP), and is unaffected by buffs, debuffs, crits, etc. (with the exception of monsters that reduce all damage to 1). This chance triggers on nearly all player attacks in PvP, but is disabled for most skills in Dungeon.

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