The Gumiho is Lotus' true form in Moonlight Village. She is a thousand year-old fox demon who hides in the form of a beautiful woman, luring tourists, warriors, and merchants into her dark lair, and draining them of their life essence in order to achieve power that can rival the gods. 

Gumiho can only be fought in either Hard or Hell mode, and only if the player has successfully saved Jeremiah in the secret path. Upon the defeat of Lotus, she will reveal her true identity as Gumiho. When defeated, Gumiho will simply die, leaving no trace of the festive place that was once the Moonlight Village.


Gumiho has several summoning spells that can either call other monsters, excluding the One-eyed Goblin, to her aid, multiple ice arrows that can stun, or two pillars of crimson flame that drains the player's MP or AP bars. Gumiho may also teleport to players and slash them with her claws, or slash thrice at any player in her vicinity.

When Gumiho is low on health, she will cause an implosion of energy from within her that knocks all players down regardless of proximity and locks the AMP bars. She will then summon a cursed blood rain and falling red orbs across the whole map that can bounce, heavily damage, and kill players. This can be avoided by staying under one of the two leaf umbrellas that Jeremiah will raise from the ground. She is immobile for the duration of the casting, and seems to be casting a spell which makes her capable of HP Recovery.

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