The Guardian Kungji is the protector of Kungji Village. He bears a sword, which he calls "Nature's Light" (to the Chase, it seems like a chant. He says "Nature's Light, give me strength!" which is probably referring to his sword).


The Guardian Kungji has three attacks. One is a thrust which is indicated by a thrust preperation motion. The second is when he does an uppercut, indicated by his arm pointing infront. The third is a spin-dash, which is indicated when he twirls his sword.


  • This is the only Kungji that carries a weapon. The sword appears to be Artisan's Obsolete/New Wooden Sword which is used by Elesis.
  • This Kungji proves to be the most violent, as it carries a weapon that is normally used to stab and kill people.
  • This monster has the same pose with the Prime Knight.

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