Guardian Ent of The Whispering Woods

Guardian Ent or (Tree of Life in other servers) is the boss of The Whispering Woods of the Silver Land. He is a large, red tree who is the guardian of the Whispering Woods. He seemingly resembles a Treant.

When the Grand Chase encountered Guardian Ent, he was possessed by some force and thus had to be defeated. Once defeated, Guardian Ent was freed from the possession of the unknown force, and warns them saying something about an Army of Darkness coming from the Land of the Gods. He also heard a voice tormenting him. After thanking the Grand Chase, he falls into a slumber to regain his strength, as most trees do.


Guardian Ent has numerous attacks. He can throw debris at the players, which he shows during the in-game dialogue. He is also capable of binding the players, similar to Treant's vine attack. Also, he can swing out at players for close-range damage. Guardian Ent can also summon two Dessicated Ents if he is the only monster left. Guardian Ent also has a DANGER attack of breathing fire for a few seconds, which can be easily dodged by jumping on to a higher platform.


  • It may be considered somewhat ironic that Guardian Ent can breathe fire, despite the fact that wood burns when caught on fire.
  • He is one of a few bosses that does not despawn after being killed.

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