For the mobile game developed by Good Games Productions, see Grand Chase Lite.

Grand Chase M is a tactical role-playing mobile spin-off of the original game.


Grand Chase M is a game where you assemble a squad of 5 heroes (you can collect heroes from stages) and one pet to do adventures. You need energy (indicated by the shoe) to start adventures, and a secondary form of energy (indicated by the crossed swords) to do other tasks.




Adventures follows through the adventures from Grand Chase, the difference is that the order is different (Serdin, Kanavan, Silver Island, Ellia, Alcubra (called Atum in game) and Xenia. The second difference is that there are different stages unrelated to the game, and that not many of the major bosses are the same, for example: Thanatos is replaced with Drawl.

After clearing Xenia, you loop again on Hero, which makes it harder, and then loop it again on Legend. After beating Xenia on Legend, you will go to another continent that was not in the game called The Rise of the Vasin Army.

Dimension CrackEdit

Dimension Crack is a continuous dungeon instance where players can form multiple party to progress through the levels, each level consists of 5 stages with a boss at the 5th. By clearing a level, players could choose to opt out from continuing or vice versa (though it is recommended to keep going as there are no penalties in failing halfway through a level), upon entering the next level, all character skills cooldown are reseted, however unlike in Adventure Mode, all heroes' health does not recover after clearing a stage or a level.

The run ends when either the player leave after a level clear, or when all of the player's party are eliminated, or that the player manage to clear the whole run. Rewards for this mode is solely for purpose of grinding gold (no exp), with an accumulative amount that increases throughout each successive stage, and a Mysterious Gold Chest reward (5k-10k/20k RNG pick) throughout each successive level. Daily reward of gems are also given to player depending on their progression efficiency compared with the rest of others.

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Vasin Army Edit

  • Wares
  • Kay
  • Wicked Rusty
  • Decimator Xenon
  • Shadow Jo
  • Kali
  • Soul Reaper Karin
  • Bard Loreley

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  • Archimedia is the only region in the original game that has never appeared in the mobile game.
    • Despite this, some monsters that came from Archimedia have an appearance in other regions.
  • Grand Chase M introduces a new continent that is not in the original game, called the Rise of the Vasin Army.


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