For the mobile game developed by DaVinci Games, see Grand Chase M.

Not to be confused with Grand Chase Mobile, a mobile ARPG game exclusive to Korean mobile devices that features Elesis and Sieghart.

Grandchase lite

Grand Chase Lite Intro Screen.

Grand Chase Lite is a mobile game based on the online game itself.

You play as a knight who will explore and battle the forces of Kaze’Aze in hopes to restore the goodness and light to Bermesiah.



  • Grand Chase Online (PC) experience condensed
  • Fantasy Turn-Based RPG
  • Free-to-Play (100%)
  • Choose from 3 Different Characters, Each From a Different Class
  • Each Character has 20 Skills to Unlock (Once Unlocked, Setup Your Own Combination of Attacks)
  • 15 Bosses To Defeat: Play on Normal, Challenging or Epic Difficulty (Complete Epic mode to collect a Special Reward from each Boss)
  • Diverse Selection of Items per Character (92 unique Items Each!)
  • Quick Interactions – play for one minute or five
  • Captivating Art Design and Graphics
  • Explore the Dungeons of Bosses

Your goal is to become strong.



  • Many of the weapons and armors do not match the ones in the official game.