Grand Chase Gift Shop is a Grand Chase Mini Game. It can be found at the Mini Games tab in the Menu. The Mini Game is available only during certain periods.

How to playEdit

The player has to obtain Gift Box Coins from dungeons or buy them from the Cash Shop. Once acquired the coins, the player can spend the coins in order to gift an available item from the list to another player. Doing so will raise the gauge on the right, and rewards may be claimed as the gauge raises over gifting. Once claimed the final prize, the gauge may reset, letting the player the possiblity to get the same rewards once more, or it may remain fixed, thus gifting won't affect the gauge anymore and no more rewards may be claimed. All the gifts, gifted and received from others are found in the mailbox.

NOTE: The player won't lose the item that he/she is gifting; instead, the gifted item is created and sent in the gifted player's mailbox.

List of available giftsEdit

The list of the gifts may vary depending on events.

(List from the NAGC Holiday event of December 13, 2013)

  • 5 Coins:  Random Holiday Outfit Box
  • 13 Coins: 10 Seal Breaker Scrolls
  • 15 Coins: Skill Key
  • 25 Coins: 20 Seal Breaker Scrolls
  • 30 Coins: SP All Reset Card
  • 30 Coins: Extreme Skill Key
  • 37 Coins: 30 Seal Breaker Scrolls
  • 50 Coins: Random Holiday Pet Box
  • 74 Coins: 60 Seal Breaker Scroll

List of the prizesEdit

The list of the gifts may vary depending on events.

(List from the NAGC Holiday event of December 13, 2013)

  • First Reward: Grand Chase Necklace (7 days)
  • Second Reward: Skill Key
  • Third Reward: Premium Transmutation Scroll
  • Fourth Reward: 3 x Refinery Protection Scroll
  • Fifth Reward: Weapon Change Key
  • Sixth Reward: Premium Reinforcement Protection Scroll
  • Seventh Reward: Grade 15 Refinery Scroll


This is not technically considered a mini game, since the player needs to run dungeons in the main game, but is still under the mini games tab.

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