Grand Chase (Korean: 그랜드체이스, lit. Grand Chase) was a free-to-play, two-dimensional side-scrolling MMORPG developed by the South Korean company KOG Studios. Alternative names for Grand Chase include 3小俠 (Three Young Heroes) used on the Taiwan server but was changed to 永恆冒險 (Eternal Adventures). Another name used was 彩虹骑士 (Rainbow Warriors) on the Mainland Chinese server. The reopening of the server also used the name of the Taiwan and Hong Kong server.[1]

As of April 15, the game ceased development and terminated its service worldwide, with the North American server being the last to close in 2015.[1] The mobile sequel Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser was launched in January 2018.

Grand Chase was awarded as Indonesia's most popular online game in August 2011 and has spawned several spin-off games such as Grand Chase Lite and Grand Chase M. It was also considered as the national online game of Brazil.


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The story focuses on the adventure of the Grand Chase group originally by Elesis, Lire, and Arme, who depart from the region of Bermesiah to hunt down the sorceress Kaze'aze who was the cause of a civil war between two kingdoms, Serdin and Kanavan.[1]

Members of the Grand Chase

Character Description Joined the Chase

A human warrior from Kanavan and the leader of the Ruby Knights, Elesis joined the Chase in hopes of locating her father Elscud, a Kanavan Tracker who had gone missing after being dispatched in the search for Kaze'aze.

From the beginning


An elf of Eryuell Island and a member of the Elven Corps, Lire joined the Chase on behalf of the elves of Eryuell to combat Kaze'aze's evil.

From the beginning


A cheerful magician of the Violet Mage Guild in Serdin, Arme joined the Chase for one simple reason alone: to encounter the evil queen and her magic in order to study it.

From the beginning


A member of the Silver Cross Thieves and a half-demon, Lass is a child possessed by Kaze'aze. He was first introduced at Partusay's Sea as an illusion and later has his first true encounter with the Chase at Kamiki's Castle. He is finally freed from Kaze'aze's possession at Kaze'aze's Castle upon her defeat. Overwhelmed with guilt at the atrocities he had committed whilst under Kaze'aze's control, he joins the Chase to atone.

Kaze'aze's Castle


An elven druid hailing from the Elven Forest, Ryan is first encountered by the Chase in the form of a wolf as he fights to defend his homeland. After defeating the Troll who was responsible for the destruction of the forest, Ryan joins the Chase.

Elven Forest


A Spell Knight of Kanavan and a member of the Kanavan Royal Guard, Ronan is first introduced at the Gorge of Oath and requests their aid at Gaikoz's Castle, leaving after empowering the group with the spell, Holy Bless. Upon defeating Gaikoz at his own castle, Ronan thanks the group and joins them on their journey to overthrow Kaze'aze.

Gaikoz's Castle


An Oracle and celebrated dancer of Xenia, Amy first appears in Lake Aurora where she spies on the Chase before leaving. She is later encountered at the Temple of Cuatal and, after saving Samsara with the help of the Chase, joins them to stop the Ascendant God's mission of chaos.

Temple of Cuatal


A survivor of the nearly annihilated guild, Silver Knights, Jin is first encountered at the Ruins of the Silver Knights, where he kills an Undead Fighter who was attacking Elesis. After defeating the Black Fairy Queen, Jin joins the Chase in hopes of avenging his fallen brethren.

Ruins of the Silver Knights


A well-known hero of Bermesiah from 600 years ago, Sieghart had participated in the battle of Kounat and was nearly killed before being reborn as a Highlander. He is looking to join the Grand Chase and encounters the Chase many times through their travels, only realizing who they are at Xenia Border but only joining them at the Wyrm's Maw.

The Wyrm's Maw


An amnesiac girl who is encountered at the Temple of Destruction, Mari is in actuality a descendant of an ancient kingdom known as Kounat. She first wakes up from her hibernation in an escape pod at the Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor and, lacking her memories, wanders around the world in a search. Upon learning about Sieghart's immortality, her interest is perked and she joins the Chase to further her research.

Temple of Destruction


An Asmodian from Elyos and the chief of the Moderate family Burning Canyon, Dio was an embassy sent to aid Kounat against the invasion of the Radical Asmodian clans. Trapped in Aernas after the war, Dio continued to seal the dimensional portals left in Aernas. He is introduced and invited to join the Chase in the Relics of Kounat, to which he agrees for the sake of pursuing his own interests.

Relics of Kounat


An artificial demon created by Oz to wield the Grandark, Zero constantly wanders the world in search of a source of power. He clashes swords with the Chase at the Wyrms Maw and later with Void at Thunder Hammer, leaving both times. He has teamed up with the Chase during the Wizard's Labyrinth but has not been encountered since.

Has not joined the Chase


An Asmodian from Elyos and the young lady of the Moderate family Crimson River, Ley was sent by her father to search for Dio in order to reaffirm their family's alliance. The Chase encounter her and her butler Jeeves in King Guang's Fen. Realizing that they do not have Dio's whereabouts, she leaves and is not seen again until the Wizard's Labyrinth. She has joined the Chase by the events of Berkas' Lair.

Prior to Berkas' Lair


A Haros from the Underworld, Rufus is a Bounty Hunter and also Lass's half-brother. Whilst completing a job in Aernas, he detects the use of the blue flame and sets out to investigate, narrowly missing the Chase at the Nightmare Circus. He has, however, allied himself with the group during the Wizard's Labyrinth and has joined the Chase by the events of Berkas' Lair.

Prior to Berkas' Lair


A girl from the uncharted village of Gaon and the current incarnation of Agnesia, the goddess of life and purity, Rin is encountered by the Chase in the Relics of Kounat. After realizing that she is being pursued by a powerful demon, Rin is invited to join the Chase for her protection.

Relics of Kounat, after the Wizard's Labyrinth


Once a nameless boy who had saved Asin Tairin and nursed him back to health, Asin was taught martial arts by the man he saved. He adopted his mentor's name and weapon after the man died from his injuries during a second monster attack. Seeking to prove his strength, he searches for his mentor's former student Jin until he eventually stumbles upon the Grand Chase and joins them.

Prior to Talin's Revenge


A Holy Knight of the Holy Kingdom, Lime was accompanying her comrades on their campaign to seal off all dimensional portals when she was separated from the group. Lost and wandering around the desert, she was found by the Grand Chase and, after learning that they were also sealing the portals, joins them.

Prior to Talin's Revenge


The Captain of the Knights of Serdin, Edel was researching for information on dimensional portals in her search for Adel when she came to know about the Grand Chase. Upon hearing that they were hunting and sealing portals leading to Elyos, she set out to join them and study the portals for clues regarding her missing brother.

Prior to A Realization of the Prophecy

Grandchase-Veigas-A-2 Icon 01265

A magi ordered by the Creator to destroy Aernas, Veigas of the Extremist family Terre, fought the prophecied Twelve Disciples and were no match for his overwhelming strength. Upon realizing that the order was false, he left to look for the source of the conspiracy and was seen floating somewhere near to Grand Chase by the events of Episode &.

Has not joined the Chase


The existence born from the pool of blood of Highlanders killed by Ashtaroth several hundred years ago, Uno ascended from the ruins when the shield blocking it was broken after Ashtaroth was defeated by Grand Chase and was seen looking at them from a nearby forest by the events of Episode &.

Has not joined the Chase