Red Gorgos

Dark Gorgos

Dark Gorgos

The Red Gorgos, or just Gorgos, is the boss of the Gorgos' Dungeon on Bermesiah, and is one of Kaze'aze's generals. It is a large, dragon creature, with wings identical to a dragonfly's.

Knight Master states that the Red Gorgos is one of Kaze'aze's most feared subordinates, and will most likely lead the group to his master. However, even after defeating him, the Gorgos still refuses to give out Kaze'aze's whereabouts. However, he warns the Grand Chase that Elven Forest is under siege.

Another variety of the Gorgos can be found in Kaze'aze's Castle, called a Dark Gorgos. It is blue-violet in color, and is described to be a close ally of Kaze'aze and a master of assaults.


The Gorgos attacks with a small combo if players are closely in front of it. Sometimes, it does a jump attack and homes in to a player, landing where they last were when it jumps, even if the player moves, creating a quake damaging those that are still on the ground when it lands. It may also crouch down, and then do a very fast horizontal charge, trapping any players in front of Gorgos between it and a wall. The Gorgos has a Danger attack, where it breathes a large stream of fire in front of it horizontally, but it does not have great vertical range, and can be avoided by being above, below, behind, or very closely in front of the Gorgos.

It can also summon two Gorgons when it roars. However, the Dark Gorgos cannot perform this.



Arme Gorgos Breath lv1

Magician's Gorgos Breath Lv 1

Arme Gorgos Breath lv2

Magician's Gorgos Breath Lv 2

  • Gorgos is the 1st server made upon the Northern American Server.
  • Gorgos are the evolutionary forms of Gorgons and Gons.
  • The Dark Gorgos found in Kaze'aze's Castle may have been the Red Gorgos resurrected.
  • There are a set of weapons designed after the Gorgos.
  • Despite being a dragon, who are often depicted as extremely powerful creatures, Gorgos has only four rather frail attacks and is easily defeated by three mere mortals. Even the Dark variant hardly puts up a challenge, having the exact same abilities as the normal variant and is overwhelmed by six characters.
  • Magician Skill Tree has a skill, Gorgos Flame that summons this dragon and spews fire in two ways.
    • Level 1 - Red Gorgos stomps the ground, lifting small enemies, and spewing flames upward.
    • Level 2 - Red Gorgos spews horizontal flames directly in front of its summoner.
  • In Season 2, when the Gorgos was defeated, it simply fell on it's back and immediately began to disappear. In Season 3, it was changed to a silent roar before falling down.

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