Gnosis Effect

A player with Gnosis' Joy

Gnosis' Earrings are special ear accessories worn by Naamah. They have similar properties (but not stats) to the Soul Stealer Crest. They can be obtained with 60 Hero's Bullions. However, they are character specific.

A unique ability of the earrings is to create a impenetratable forcefield for a few second. The forcefield appears randomly, but only in Dungeons. When activated, a buff called "Gnosis' Joy" will take place, making it's user immune to all damage and stuns (but not knockdowns) for 10 seconds with a cooldown of 15.

Be wary that the Shield will cancel when enough hits are dealt, especially when one launcher-type attack will
Gnosis' Earrings

Gnosis' Earrings

disarm it instantly. In addition, like Arme's Fire Shield, Gnosis' Joy will cause the user to be hit even during a skill, meaning that abilities such as Freeze, Petrify, etc., will successfully stop someone in mid-skill. Fortunately, when the Shield is canceled by receiving too many hits, the cooldown won't take place.


"Earrings sparkling with Gnosis' enlightened joy. Wearing them will activate shields that will absorb damage for a set period of time."


  • Level: 50
  • Attack: 113
  • Defense: 113
  • Vitality: 114
  • Effect: HP + 15.00% in Dungeons
  • Effect: Special Attack Resistance + 15.00%
  • Effect: Increased PvP Spawn Invincibility + 15.00%
  • Effect: EXP + 5.00%

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