"Swords are not suitable for women!" - Gerard to Elesis -

Gerard Farenwhite is the son of Depas Farenwhite, a man with great influence within the Ruby Knights. Gerard is the current leader of the Ruby Knights until Elesis returns from her journey with the Grand Chase.

Gerard was a young knight who competed against Elesis for the leadership of the Ruby Knights. When they were younger, Gerard was very hostile towards Elesis because of his sense of inferiority towards her skill, which far surpassed his own. One day, he witnessed Elesis performing intense training on her own in order to overcome her physical limits as a woman, and that incident changed him. In front of people, he still appears to be in a rivalrous relationship to Elesis in the contest for the Ruby Knights's leadership, and Gerard habitually teases Elesis by saying that a sword is not suitable for a woman. In wars and in life, however, he looks out for Elesis discreetly.

In the end, Elesis won the contest for leadership and was appointed leader of the Ruby Knights. However, after Elesis left for Serdin to join the Grand Chase, he leads the Ruby Knights in her stead and supports her in her mission.


  • Gerard is also known as Gerald.
  • Gerard is the quest NPC for the Kanavan region.


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