Gardosen is a general, the gatekeeper of Hell, and the boss of Hell Bridge, and becomes Hellish Gardosen in the Sanctum of Destruction. He is proclaimed a "Satan" (Devil).

It is said that Kaze'aze tried to pull Gardosen across the Bridge. One of his voices call out a warning to his subordinates that the Chase has entered trying to stop them, and orders them all to give them a "taste of hell". As they reach Gardosen himself, he taunts the Chase. They manage to drive him back into hell.


Gardosen performs attacks that are similar to some of the other characters' skills. Gardosen can use Roadstar Chaser, like the Dragon Knight, but larger, numerous Blast Bombs like the Spell Knight in set places of the stage, and can petrify the players like the Magician's Stone Curse. He can also use an air slash similar to Gaikoz and Kamiki, and can teleport to another player. Gardosen attacks with his sword as well, and sometimes rushes forward to attack those in front of him.

Hellish GardosenEdit

Hellish Gadosen

Hellish Gardosen

In the Sanctum of Destruction, Gardosen transforms up to four Hellish Gardosens, becoming more deadly.

He has a modified Blast Bomb where he drops it three times in a row and a modified Stone Curse where it's vacuum range increases greatly. He has two new attacks: He can shoot out a homing, reddish orb that is similar to those of the Dark Hierophant (without subtracting MP), and he can summon a dark vortex which is identical to Druid's Bloody Funeral, but without the totems and no HP gain, to draw his enemies into it which deals maximum damage (99,999), instantly annihilating players once the attack has finished.


  • Gardosen is named of one of three servers, him being the newest.
  • It is possible that Gardosen is a resident of the Underworld, and Hell Bridge was a gateway connecting Aernas to the Underworld.
  • "Stone Curse" is often misheard as "Goldust", a famous professional wrestler.