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, short for Game Point, is the main currency in the world of Grand Chase. Its primary use is to buy a variety of items available in the Shop section of the game. Items range from equipment the characters can wear, weapons, pet attacks, and more. It should be noted that GP armor and weapons that have the same level requirement as K-Ching armor and weapons are weaker.

GP can be obtained by selling untimed equipments, potions, gems, and more, or by completing dungeons. The max GP that can be held at once is 10,000,000.

In dungeons, GP must be picked up individually. They appear as gold and silver coins that are dropped by monsters. Silver coins = 10. Gold coins = 50.

Sometimes, players may receive GP Coupons through events. Those coupons can be exchanged into GP anytime.
1 Million GP coupon

1 Million GP Coupon

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