The GC Club is a special benefit which is only obtainable by SB Gacha, or in events. The GC Club is always timed, unless players had the GC Star which only could be purchased during the event .

Premium GC ClubEdit

The Premium GC Club is a better version of the GC Club. It is obtained by purchasing the benefit from the K-Ching Shop (1 day = 10 K-Ching) or in events. The Premium GC Club will stack with the GC Club, granting additional bonuses to those who have GC Club benefits.

What benefits they grant?Edit

The GC Club allows players to type in eight different font colors, 10% base stat boost, 25% GP/EXP increase, and unlimited expells. Also, his or her room will be moved at the top of the room list.

The GC Club gives an ulterior 10% base stat boost, 10% GP/EXP increase, 30% Item drop rate increase, 1 additional life in dungeons (except dungeons that do not allow ressurection), along with all the benefits of a common GC Club. Furthermore, the player's room will be moved on the top of the room list, surpassing the players that only had the common GC Club.

GC Club

The GC Club emblem

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