A Gargoyle

Gargoyles are a monster found only in the Fortress of Ascension. They are normally frozen and lifeless, but will adroitly swoop about and attack those they deem intruders.

A similar, spiritual form of them appears in the Sanctum of Destruction, called Feeble Gaunt. Ley can also summon a Gargoyle by the name of Garouille.


Gargoyles have only three attacks. The first is where they will attack with their claws, lunging at players that are nearby. The second is where it will fly forward in a straight line quickly. Sometimes, this attack may miss nearby players that are directly in front of it. Its third attack is where it breathes out a gray mist that petrifies players caught in it.

Gargoyles are unique as they are made of stone. When they first appear, they will seem to be stone statues, immobile. When attacked, it will do little damage. However, after awhile, the Gargoyle will come to life, are able to fly around the room, and is more vulnerable to attacks then.

Feeble GauntEdit

Feeble Gaunt

A Feeble Gaunt

In the Sanctum of Destruction, they aid Naamah and spawn in very large numbers. However, Feeble Gaunts have incredibly low HP and can be finished off in just a few of hits.

Because they are not stone, they cannot go into a "resting" position and boost it's defense like their counterparts. They also can't breathe their stony mist that petrifies.

Naamah has a special ability that can seal a player within a Feeble Gaunt for a moment, and afterwards, the Gaunt will die automatically. If the Gaunt that holds a player dies by any means (within the exception of the formentioned statement), the player will die as well.

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