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Fanatic Bomb Soldiers are humanoid-like monsters located in Temple of Cuatal. They are identical to Arme's Alchemist class.


Fanatic Bomb Soldiers throw bombs as their normal attack, similar to Arme's Alchemist job, but the bombs are different, in which they explode upon contact, instead of simply laying on the ground and exploding after a few seconds. The bombs are also thrown at different angles, instead of being placed on the floor.

If players get up close to a Bomb Soldier, instead of throwing a bomb, the Soldier will usually put a giant bomb, identical to a Big Head, that engulfs the player's head that soon explodes, which is only dodgeable via a skill or invincibility frames. The explosion from the giant bomb can also catch other players in it as well.

The Bomb Soldiers have been known to run from players, as they are a ranged group.

Since they are part of the Fanatic patrol, Fanatic Bomb Soldiers can be revived by Fanatic Monks.

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