The Escaped Prisoner is a monster found on the Monster Train 301 and is the mini-boss of the dungeon, using the metal ball chained to its arm as a weapon. Its cage is guarded by several Monster Train Security Personnel in the third room, though it has broken out by the time the Grand Chase arrives in the room.


The Escaped Prisoner has several attacks: it can slam both fists on the floor, which will send nearby players flying, or it will do a spin with its iron ball that has the same effect. It may also swing its iron ball diagonally above its head, knocking away nearby players and leaving them with the confusion status.

Occasionally, the Escaped Prisoner will go on a rampage. This is signified by a roar, after which it will begin to swing its iron ball wildly. Players caught in the iron ball's swing will be drawn into the attack and be unable to escape. During the duration of this attack, one of the two switches present in the map must be attacked. This will cause a barrel to fall on the Escaped Prisoner's head and stun it. If this is not executed successfully, the Escaped Prisoner will slam its iron ball several times on the floor, knocking up players. Barrels will then fall across the entire map, damaging players if they get hit.

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