Like how Aernas is the land of the living and the Underworld is the land of the dead, Elyos is the land of the Asmodians, existing in a dimension separate from that of Aernas.

There are portals connecting Aernas to Elyos, but they have been sealed after the events of the First Magic War. The people of the Holy Kingdom in Bermesiah serve a god that maintains and protects the gateway between the two worlds. However, as a result of Baldinar's actions, the barrier between the two worlds has become unstable and weakened, allowing portals connecting the worlds to be opened across Aernas.


In the beginning, the Creator had created gods, the ones who would be responsible for the creation of the universe, and the demons, who would be responsible for the destruction.

Because of their belligerence, instead of being together with gods in the physical world, the devildom, Elyos was created in order for the demons to reside. When they felt the necessity, the demons traversed through the dimensional portals to cause destruction.

Known RegionsEdit



Map of Trivia.

Trivia is the threshold to the portal leading to Aernas. Located at the end of Elyos, Trivia is a barren region at the edge of a massive floating island surrounded by mountains and several island clusters. All Asmodians wishing to enter Aernas must first pass through this region. Trivia is guarded against intruders by black holes that suck and destroy souls.

Demon World StationEdit

BG Demon World Station

Demon World Station Prep. Room.

In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, the Chase went to a station that will bring them into the Crimson River domain.


The demons inhabiting Elyos are known as the Asmodians, and a large majority of the demons in Grand Chase come from this race.

Within Elyos, the Asmodians are separated into tribes, with many of these tribes forming alliances with others sharing similar views and opinions. There are two major groups separating the Asmodians from each other, one group that prefers to follow their original purpose of destruction, the Extremists, and another group who are against it and just want to live in peace with all the rest, the Moderates.

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Amongst the demons encountered during gameplay, Drawl, and Veron who are encountered in the Relics of Kounat are also Asmodians. The beast kinds include Garous and possibly Quoronnos. Other Asmodians include Zero, Oz, Void, and Edna, though it is unknown under which faction they belong. More Asmodians have also appeared in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser.


  • The Asmodians are aware of the Haros demons from the Underworld and even they fear the bounty hunters as evidenced by Dio, who with his immense powers was overwhelmed by Rufus' speed and chose to flee from him when the Haros targeted Ley in the Wizard's Labyrinth.