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Elsword is Elesis' younger brother. Despite his sister making an appearance at his self-titled game, he has yet to do so at Grand Chase apart from passing mention.


  • Elsword is the titular and a playable character in Elsword whom was based off of Elesis. Elsword is a young swordman who was raised and trained by his older sister, Elsa (later retconned/re-rewritten to be actually Elesis), the leader of the Red Knights. One day, she left him to lead a mission but never returned, prompting Elsword to set out on a journey to search for her.
    • In Elsword, the game, Elsa was originally named Elesis. Elesis also being the leader of the Ruby Knights is very similar to Elsa's leadership for the Red Knights. Additionally, there is a concept art on Naver Blog of Elesis and Elsword as siblings; however, due to copyright reasons resulting from the fact that Grand Chase and Elsword are hosted by different companies, this relationship was scrapped.
    • Elesis was later implemented into Elsword, carrying over her name, personality, red color theme, appearance, and poses, only with their backgrounds slightly differing. Additionally, Elsa had been re-renamed back to Elesis. Likewise, the Naver Blog had introduced Elsword as Elesis' brother in Grand Chase.

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