Elizabeth, also entitled as the Memory Eating Troll, is a troll-like monster and the boss in the Marsh of Oblivion.

It is said that she has a foul-smelling scent, and also intakes the memories of others, which was the reason why the monsters attacked Grand Chase for they have no memory. The Kanavan Kingdom requested that they search for the outbreaks of the Marsh, and Elizabeth was the answer.


Elizabeth has a rolling attack similar to Wendy in Trial Tower except shorter. Sometimes she combines the roll with a tackle. Elizabeth can also slam her club into the ground, sending rocks out. She also has a Jump attack which damages those that do not jump in time, or if she lands on them.


  • Her Chaos Orb says "Memory Eating Troll's" instead of "Elizabeth's", her name.
  • In a comic, Ryan named a Sellion Egg "Elizabeth", only to get clawed by it when Sellion hatched because it did not like the name nor it wanted to be called by it.

Lvl 18 - Elizabeth

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