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Elesis' appearance in Elsword

  • Elesis is nicknamed the "Red Knight" according to Sieghart mixed with her job ("Red" and "Knight"), the Red Knight Armor, and the Grand Chase Manhwa.
  • In Elsword, another game designed by KoG Studios which has a very similar synopsis to Grand Chase, there is a young boy named Elsword who has the same storyline as Elesis's. Elsword is a young swordman who was raised and trained by his older sister, Elsa, the leader of the Red Knights. One day, she left him to lead a mission but never returned. This caused Elsword to head out to a journey in an attempt to look for her. The main website describes Elsword as "ambitious but hot headed young swordsman", which is much like Elesis's personality.[1]
    • Elsa was originally named Elesis. Elesis also being the leader of the Ruby Knights is very similar to Elsa's leadership for the Red Knights. Additionally, there is a concept art on Naver Blog of Elesis and Elsword as siblings. However, due to copyright reasons resulting from the fact that Grand Chase and Elsword are hosted by different companies, this relationship was scrapped.
      • Despite this, Elesis was later implemented into Elsword, carrying over her name, personality, red color theme, appearance, and poses, only with their backgrounds slightly differing. Additionally, Elsa had been re-renamed back to Elesis.
        • Likewise, the Naver Blog had introduced Elsword as Elesis' brother in Grand Chase.
        • This may imply that both Elesis' are one and the same person, existing in two separate universes or belong to the same timeline. This is supported by the fact that Elsword himself has been confirmed in Grand Chase as Elesis' brother.
  • Ernasis, one of Aernas's Creators long ago, bears a striking resemblance to Elesis in both name and appearance; whether or not if this is a coincidence is unknown.
  • Elesis was originally designed to be a resident of Serdin.
  • Before her Season 3 Revamp, Elesis' Knight and Spearman classes taunted by slapping her butt at her foes in mockery. After the revamp, she simply twirls and points her weapon at them. Despite this, the Korean version (and possibly others) of the revamp still shows Elesis slapping her butt in a reanimated pose.
  • Before the Grand Chase Chaos update, Elesis's armor-less equipment was initially a one-piece clothing. As of now, it is a two-piece clothing.
  • Ironically, Elesis' stat distribution gives her high defense and low attack power, yet Elesis is shown to be extremely aggressive, and therefore, it should be the opposite instead. However, this can be explained by her status as a Knight which specializes in defense, and for the latter, her lack of a father figure.
    • Back in Season 2, Elesis' high defense actually had a significant impact on her survival. One could say that this complemented rather than contradicted her aggressive gameplay, because otherwise she would have been a glass cannon rushing to death.[2]
  • Elesis has been shown to be the most violent member of the Chase. This is supported by the following:
  • Elesis is the only character who uses both hands to wield her weapons in all her jobs.
  • As shown by her attitude, dialogue, and being a descendant of Sieghart, Elesis is able to use a similar rage function like him. However unlike Sieghart, Elesis's rage mode is more defensive than offensive.
  • Ironically, Elesis has a stronger Berserk than her grandfather, despite that Sieghart lived/trained 585 years more than her.
  • Many of Elesis's attacks have/had the word Slash in them (Mega Slash, Compact Slash, Firebolt Slash, Cross Slash, Vertical Slash, Meteor Slash, Windmill Slash), or at least a word pronounced similarly to Slash (Round Crash, Winding Flash).
  • Elesis's family, along with Rufus's family, are the only ones with the most number of members revealed. Coincidentally, both families have exactly two members within the Chase itself (Elesis and Sieghart for the Sieghart family; Rufus and Lass for the Wilde family) and both families have a father who is missing (Elscud for the Sieghart family; Legis for the Wilde family).
  • According to a Bingo question, the names of Elesis, Lire, and Arme originally came from the real-world continent of Europe. However, with the exception of Arme's, this is incorrect as the names are actually modified versions of real-world names, such as Alexis/Elise and Lir.[3]
  • Elesis's Korean voice actor Yoon Yuh Jin (윤여진 ) also voices her Elsword counterpart.


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