Elena is an Elder of the Violet Mage Guild (the guild Arme's in), and the first boss of a two-part boss fight at the Kamiki's Castle.

Elena's appearance in Ellia Continent shocks Arme. Elesis immediately attempts to kill Elena, but Arme begs for mercy, only to be convinced that she was manipulated by Kaze'aze, and must be put down.
After Elena's defeat, Kaze'aze Lass returns to the area and revives the dead mage, only to transform her into a powerful demon, Kamiki, to defeat the Chase.


Elena can use Lightning Bolt, like the Magician, and may also summon a large meteor, similar to the Battle Mage's Deep Impact, or the Black Fairy Queen's Ice Meteor, and also a spray of fire in front of her. She can also summon more Dark Anmon Scouts, replacing those that died. Once Elena has been defeated, she then becomes the demon Kamiki, who uses more powerful magic.

When defeated, a message "Looks like we'll have to battle them to cross here" will appear, referring the second phase of the Battle.


No words can express how much i hate this lil shit

Elena appearing as a necklace upgrader

Elena is the Upgrader for Necklaces and Anklets, using the power of Gems or Choco'brick Bars. However, she is very infamous for her extremely low success rate and, in the sense of good humor, people will go to Kamiki's Castle to kill Elena whenever she breaks or fails or downgrades a necklace or anklet for a long time.

Humorously, her Monster Card says "I didn't mean to break your necklace..."


  • Elena has a younger sister named Eluna, who is the quest NPC for Ellia in Grand Chase Season V.
  • It was never specified why Elena transformed into a traitor, though it is possible that she suffered from greed of power.
  • Elena is one of six bosses who can transform, the others being Victor, Kaze'aze, Thanatos, Barakhufu and Ashtaroth.
  • Elena is one of three bosses to have betrayed the Grand Chase, the others being Victor and Barakhufu.
  • Although a Mage, Elena uses a modified version of Deep Impact, which is Battle Mage's attack.
  • In an event, Elena becomes a soccer coach.
  • She, along with Knight Master, Elesis, and the Magic Kungji have a pet version of the modeled character, her's referred as Referee Elena. However, Elena's pet model shoots a soundwave (non-confusion), which is strangely, not one of her own attacks.
  • Oddly enough, despite Elena being an "elderly mage", she only has three attacks and two supportive movements.

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