Elder Kungji

The Elder Kungji is the leader of the Kungji Kungji Tribe in Kungji Village. He became upset and outraged because a grand Kungji treasure was taken from the village. After being calmed, the Chase offer to help him out.

The Elder Kungji also appears through Alcubra's Boss Gates.


The Elder Kungji possesses four attacks. One is where he lifts his staff, shooting 3 orbs in different directions which arc and explode upon contact. Another is that he can create a tornado in front of him. The third attack is when he tries to jump on his enemy with great force, indicated by a "Danger" attack (though it is not as frightening as it seems). His final attack is where he twirls his staff that leaves off a gust of circling wind that constantly damages opponents in it, but does not stun, and stays there for the remainder of the battle.

The Elder Kungji is accompanied by a Magic Kungjis and a Big Kungji (depending on the difficulty, whereas up to two of both aid him), and will summon more if needed.


  • The Elder Kungji shares Soundtrack ("TrackH") with Treant and Wendy, the first two bosses of Grand Chase.
  • He is one of the few bosses that does not despawn after being defeated.
  • Interestingly enough, this elder is capable of fighting, despite that elders are usually old and incapable of moving properly. It could be that the small fragment of the Crown of Sands was still powerful enough to give him and the tribe the ability to fight.
    • Another worthy note is that this elder is not wise, yet most of them are. Instead, the Kungji's Elder seems to be enraged easily, which is another inability to elders.

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