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Sieghart was once nicknamed the Duelist (or Ares or General) by his peers for his unparalleled valor and amazing skill with the sword. He was responsible for saving Bermesiah and the kingdom from evil, but an even greater adversary began to encroach the land. Determined to rid Bermesiah of this evil once and for all, Sieghart began to ready himself for another adventure, discarding the comforts afforded to him by his noble status and upbringing, so that he may take on monsters in his wake once again.

Dash attacks can be combined with combo attacks and can turn and still attack while doing a dash attack. The Duelist's agility allows him to rise up in great bounds to attack anyone above him or attacking him from above. He can also make himself more aerodynamic while descending to quickly return to the ground so he can startle his enemies or get out of a sticky situation.

The Duelist has the ability to change to a "Power Stance" during a basic combo, jump or dash attack. Using rage with the power stance makes your Heavy Smash and Adrenaline Attack inflict more damage
Ares Cash Mission Scroll


It is necessary to be level thirty (30) to be able to participate in Third (3rd) Job Promotion.

"I've kept Bermesiah and the kingdom safe from the powers of darkness. But to truly defeat it I must take up the sword once again. Wanna spot me while I train?"

- Sieghart -

GP Mission

(10,000 GP)

Part 1

  • Run the Ruins of the Silver Knights once. Even if you don't successfully pass the dungeon, you'll still complete the mission.
    • Entering the dungeon and leaving immediately does not count as "running". It only counts if the dungeon is completed or failed.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

  • Slay 120 monsters within the range of ± 2 above or below level monsters.

Part 5

Cash Mission

(8,600 Cash)


Game Start

"Let's get this going."
"Hey, kid! Class is in session."

Stance Change

"Heavy Smash!"
"Adrenaline Attack!"


"Rule Break!"
"Rising Weapon!"
"Dread Punisher!"
"Power Liberation!"


"Aw, come on! I've got better things to do."
"Need a break?"

Game End

"Wow, you managed to live!"
"Are you frightened by me? This is only the beginning."

Basic Movements

Keystrokes Name Effect
ZZZZZ Basic Combo Sieghart punches once, kicks once, swings each of his rapiers once, and finishes with a sweep from both rapiers.
ZZ+Arrow D Power Stance Sieghart unsheates his rapiers and changes in his "Power Stance" pose.
ZZ+Arrow RArrow R Critical Attack Sieghart kicks forward before bringing down his rapiers with a sweep.
ZZZZZ+Arrow RArrow R Double Attack Sieghart kicks forward before bringing down his rapiers with a sweep.
Arrow U+ZZ Jump Attack Sieghart swings one of his rapiers and peforms a kick that knocks down and makes the opponent bounce if the hit the ground.
Arrow U+Arrow UZ Air Spin Sieghart spins his rapiers in mid-air, giving him more altitude than a normal jump attack.
Arrow U+Arrow DArrow D Rapid Descent Sieghart quickly drops on the ground. Upon landing, he will go into his "Power Stance Mode".
Arrow RArrow R Dash Sieghart dashes forward. Holding down the key causes him to run.
Arrow U+Arrow RArrow R Air Dash After jumping, Sieghart dashes in midair.
Arrow RArrow R+ZZZ Dash Attack While dashing, Sieghart performs a wide slash. If this attack hits an opponent, pressing Z will initiate the basic combo.
X Rage Mode Sieghart roars and releases the rage inside his body.
Arrow R+Z Grab

Sieghart grabs the opponent under the neck and then releases a dark burst from the palm of his hand, harming the opponent.

(Note: Both players are invincible throughout the animation.)
(Note: Only works in PvP; Dungeon monsters cannot be grabbed.)
(Note: Due to lag, it may not work, or may intercept the opponent's attack/skill.)

Stance Change

Like Rama and Mari, the Duelist has an ability called "Stance Change", which allows him to use numerous abilities. It can be activated by pressing Arrow D during a combo, dash attack, or when the user performs a Rapid Descent (Though has to be 4 platforms down. Any higher prevents the change.)
When stance change is initiated, the Duelist will have his two blades in front of him, has Hyper Armor, and crabwalks (moving slowly left or right). However, his direction facing will not change.

Keystrokes Name Effect
Z Heavy Smash Performs a long thrust with one of the rapiers. Hold left or right arrow key to choose where to strike. Can be performed after a backstep, and can be followed up with a roll.
Z (Spam) Adredaline Attack Rushes forward, furiously stabbing with both rapiers. This move drains Rage except when in rage mode. Pressing the arrow keys will change his direction, and X will still be available when performing this move.
Arrow LArrow L Backstep Hops backwards, phasing through targets. This ends his "Power Stance". Can be chained with Heavy Smash during the animation.
X Roll Rolls forward during various stance actions. The Duelist is invulnerable during the animation. There is a 1 second cooldown for this move.
Arrow U Cancel Stance Sheaths back the rapiers, thus ending "Power Stance".



Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Basic

Rule Break

First command: Sieghart swings his rapiers four times before ending with a double slash.
Second command: Sieghart swings twice, stabs twice, and finishes with a double slash.
Third command: Sieghart swings twice, stabs twice, and finishes with an uppercut.

LVL 2 Basic

Rising Weapon

Sieghart rushes forward, and performs an uppercut, leaving a trail of purple flames.

(Note: It is possible to cancel the skill early by hitting the Arrow U command during the running animation)

LVL 3 Basic

Dread Punisher

Sieghart slices furiously and recklessly in front of him before sheathing his rapiers in order to generate an explosion marked by two slices.
LVL 4 Special

Power Liberation

Sieghart gains a buff that converts his Dash Attack and his Basic Combo into quick, rapid thrusts with decent range and great damage for 15 seconds. During this state, he cannot use other skills.

Rage Mode

Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Rage

Raging Rule Break

First command: Sieghart swings twice, stabs twice, and finishes with a double slash.
Second command: Sieghart swings twice, stabs twice, and finishes with an uppercut.
LVL 2 Rage

Raging Rising Weapon

After performing the uppercut, Sieghart slams one of his rapiers on the ground to erect a pillar of darkness from the ground.
LVL 3 Rage

Raging Dread Punisher

Sieghart does a extremely long slice engulfed with purple flames while moving forward, then he finishes by slamming both rapiers on the ground to invoke a lightning from the sky that strikes forward and generates a pillar of darkness.


  • The Rage given for Duelist increases defense. Ironically, when one is full of rage, their attack is built up but heavily drops their defenses leaving them vulnerable, which is the opposite of the Duelist's rage.
    • However, it could also imply that when the Duelist is in Rage Mode, he sharpens his fighting abilities and becomes more aware of the situation, thus explains his defense boost.
    • It's more likely that Rage mode toughens up Siegharts body, making himself more resilient.
  • The Duelist has an unused quote in his voice file, saying "Oh c'mon! I've got better things to do!".
  • The Duelist is one of three classes to sheath their weapons after attacking, the other two being the Aegis Knight and the Striker.
  • "Ares" is the name of a Greek God who governed over war. It was stated that Sieghart was actually trying to compare himself to Ares.[1]
  • Duelist is the only class whose Rage Mode does not have a crazed Sieghart as its image.


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