The Dual Wielding System (also known as the Weapon Change System in foreign servers) allows players
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A Sieghart Dual Wielding with glitch

to change from the current weapon to a different weapon, especially for a different class. Characters must be at least a minimum of level 45 to Dual Wield.

Dual Wielding can only be used in Dungeons. By hitting the Left-Ctrl key, players can cycle between the two weapons with a one second cooldown. Although Dio, Zero, Ley, Rufus, Rin, Asin, LimeEdel, Veigas, and Uno have an option to Dual Wield, they receive no benefits from the system as they only have one class weapon.

In order to Dual Wield, the Weapon Change Key must be used to unlock the Dual Wielding Slot. There are two ways to obtain the key:

Weapon Change Key

Weapon Change Key

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
14400 GP The Double Dealin' Dungeoneer
  • Slay 1000 monsters whose levels are within 3 levels of your own. Higher or lower.

Note: Keys received can be shared between characters. The mission is not public and must be done by the character it is purchased for.

Warning: The same character that had completed this quest cannot redo it over and over.

3000 Cash Weapon Change Key -


  • Unfortunately, the mission "The Double Dealin' Dungeoneer" is not available in the Philippines server of the game.
  • There is a glitch where Ley can indefinitely keep employing her "Plot" movement to reach the top of the map by constantly cycling weapons.
  • Another glitch that may appear while using the buff items in Hungry Pets' Revolt, especially speed up and jump up: sometimes, if the player cycles weapons, their speed bonuses from the buff will disappear, setting them back to normal character speed; however, after the buff expires, it will "backfire" on them: their speed value will go into negative, which translates into walking backwards or running/dashing on spot without moving or not being able to jump off from the ground. Switching back to the previous weapon will fix such, although the former weapon stance will still be glitched until the end of the dungeon.
    • A variant of the above, if a player uses an attack boost item and then cycles weapons, occasionally the attack buff will disappear, and after the buff itself expires, the player's damage output will go into negative, which translates into healing the opponents for each hit the player lands on them. Switching back to the previous weapon will fix such, although the former weapon stance will still be glitched until the end of the dungeon. Fortunately, this glitch is nowhere frequent as the one described above.

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