Drawl (or Drall) is one of two bosses that appear in the Relics of Kounat, the other being Veron. He is one of the most powerful leaders of the demonic forces and he commands lower ranking monsters with force. Drawl is a more powerful, elder Power Leader.

While players attempt to destroy the Dimensional Portal, Drawl's Ghost will appear as an attempt to delay them.

A powered up version of Drawl, named Commander "The Dark Sword", is set to appear in Kounat's Collapse.


Drawl attacks by swinging his scythe, stomps the ground twice, shooting three fireballs on both sides, rushing forward while twirling his scythe, and large streams of fire in four directions.

The powered Drawl wields two swords instead of a scythe. He attacks by stomping with one foot foward, which launches the players, and when they are in air, he swings his swords at them, knocking them away; or he can jump, targeting a player, and after, he drives his swords into the ground to generate a dark flame geyser. Lastly, he can jump, stay in air, and release several dark blasts from the above which target a player before he comes down.

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