Dio attacking Sieghart

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Dio unfurling his wings

  • According to Ley's profile, Dio is the chief of his
    Status Dio wings

    Dusk Bringer Dio unfurling his wings

    demonic clan, the Burning Canyon Family.
  • Dio's left hand is called Rake Hand.
  • In actuality, Dio sealed his own powers after Kounat's destruction and the end of the Demon Wars. As time progresses, his inner abilities began to unseal themselves.
  • Dio mentioned in Relics of Kounat that he is pursuing "private interests." The Crimson River felt suspicious of the Burning Canyon's strange actions and Peter von Crimson River, the head of the Crimson River family, ordered his daughter Ley to search for Dio within Aernas in order to confirm and secure his allegiance. These interests currently remain unknown.
  • Naver Blog posted a picture of Dio attacking and putting Sieghart in his near-death state 600 years ago. However, the image was meant to promote the Sudden Death PVP Mode and any actual relation to the storyline is unknown.
  • During his childhood, Dio was a crybaby and was often bullied by other Asmodian children.
  • Veigas wants to take revenge on Dio for reasons that still remain unknown.


  • According to his profile, it was implied that Dio was sealed in his own dimension after the wars. However, according to the dialogue in Victor's Fortress as well as the Kounatian Chronicles, Dio was trapped in Aernas.
    • However, there are many conflicts to this. The Korean and North American database claims he came to Aernas. Brazil says he was trapped in Aernas and decided to oversee the Dimensional Portals to make sure they were sealed due to his pride and arrogance. The Philippines says he was too strong to return to Elyos, resulting him to seal his powers to get back. Taiwan claims that he was trapped in Aernas and sealed his powers away, but slept for a thousand years in a void between the two dimensions to stand guard over the borders.
  • "Dio" in Italian means "God", representing his intensive power.
  • Strangely, Dio has two Scythes: Soul Reaver and Deathstar.
  • A poll was held in the Korean server to decide on Dio's name. The choices were between Dio and Gaikoz. It is unknown why "Gaikoz" was a choice, despite the name being taken already, by a server, a pet, and a boss/monster.
  • It should be noted that Dio channels his demonic magic through his left hand and his weaponry items through his right. This reflects to the two different "poses" in his skill tree, in which most magic comes from the left and most weaponry comes through the right.
  • Dio's use of Action Points is based off of the combat system in Elsword, though Dio uses five commands (A S D F G) instead of the four in Elsword (A S D C), unless a special cash item is bought.
  • Dio's Rake Hand was also based off of the Elsword character Raven's mechanical arm, as they are both grow in power to create utter destruction.
  • According to his quest briefing, Dio is said to be famous within the Underworld. However, this is most likely a continuity error, as Dio originated and is popular in Elyos.
  • Dio's ability to manipulate the dimensional fabric is most likely a form of Dimensional Portals. His grab attack consists of forcefully warping his target in and out of a vortex to deal damage. With Life Keep, Dio stashes a portion of his health into another dimension, which returns to him when he is incapacitated.
  • AP has been confirmed to be Action Point.[1]
  • Dio has similar traits to the Sieghart family.
    • Like Elesis, Dio has a certain liking and disliking to bloodshed (Elesis prefers Battle and Dio prefers Destruction).
    • Like Sieghart, Dio uses his dark powers for the good of mankind and is also both treated like royalty.
    • Dio also has the same stat distribution as the two: High Defense and Low Attack power.
  • Ironically, despite having low attack power, Dio is shown to be extremely powerful.
  • Dio is accompanied by two butlers, Alfred and Sebastian, both common names for butlers.
  • Like Arme, Ronan, Lass, Sieghart, Zero, Ley, and Rufus, despite the fact that darkness is shown in this game as evil and that demons are generally viewed as such, Dio uses his powers for the good of mankind.
  • Interestingly enough, he will automatically be level 30 when acquired. This may be due to the Action Point function which requires a set level to use a specific skill, or possibly in relationship to the Skill Tree Armors. Due to this, Dio is currently the only character to not be at level 0 when unlocked.
  • Dio is one of the few creatures to possess wings, but he didn't use them to fly as Stygian. He does use them via Drakar's Apply Jump and Leviathan's Cool Spiral. He also uses them as display when idle for too long or to levitate during Black Space. The full potential of his wings were used for Dusk Bringer's Relax.
    • When standing idle for a few seconds, his wings unfurl.
  • Dio is the only character to have a modified arm/hand.
  • When Dio appears armorless, he seems to have a type of shoes on yet they leave the toes exposed.
  • Dio's release in the North American server appears to be the second. Usually, content is released in the Brazilian server before the North American server. Also, the releasing is extremely early, as it would usually take several months for the data to be imported from the Korean server to the North American server (in Dio's case, its approximately one full month plus a week[2][3]).