Game Start

"Away with you! Useless creature."
"You want to challenge me? Ahahahahaha!"
"Did you want to experience real fear?"
"All I want is pure destruction."
"I will destroy you, and leave not a trace behind!"
"Trying to escape now is... futile."

When Attacking

"Here's the finish!"

When Using Innocent Fear

"I will show you my true power!"


"Death Scythe!"
"Death Star!"
"Rake Hand!"
"Black Space!"
"Vengeful Sword!"
"Haunting Shock!"
"Fear, Overwhelming!"
"Death Sign!"
"Evil Shock!"
"Kill Zone!"
"Chaotic Spark!"
"Cool Spiral!"
"Evil Eddy!"
"Tenacious Hold!"
"Bold Swing!"
"Piercing Lance!"
"Chaos Slice!"


"You were the one annoying me all along."
"Don't fool around in front of me."
"Alfred, please throw out the trash."
"How dare you!"
"How dare you!"
"Was that it?"


"Kugh! How dare you..."

Game End

"I don't have time to play with you."
"Do you still want to challenge this body?"
"Kahahahaha! All, burn!"
"How does it feel to be facing your end?"
"All I want is pure destruction."