Stone Golem

Giant Stone Golem

The Giant Stone Golem, is the boss of the Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor. It is a furtherly improved Mini Stone Golem. It later becomes the Destructive Stone Golem within the Sanctum of Destruction.


The Giant Stone Golem can do a spinning attack just like the Arch Ranger's 'White Wind' skill. The Golem can also toss the ground up in front of him, damaging anyone standing on the floor in front of him, and can also do a Jump attack that is faster than most bosses. The Golem can use a Danger attack, which is a delayed jump move, and knocks loose debris that fall down on the players. The Golem has a confusion skill that will also push players away.

It has two Mini Stone Golems guarding it and will summon replacements if possible.

Destructive Stone GolemEdit

Destructive Stone Golem's Orb

Destructive Stone Golem's Orb

In the Sanctum of Destruction, the Giant Stone Golem becomes more powerful. It's defense is being controlled by a Destructive Orb.

The only changes from a Giant to Destructive is the physical appearance (details, colors, and texture) of the Golem itself (which ironically, is colored like the Season 2 Giant Stone Golem) and it's attacks. There are no new attacks or modified attacks to perform.


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