Dark Storm

Dark Storm

Dark Storm is one of two mini-bosses of the Forest of Life, the other being Furious Storm. She uses a twin-sided Scythe, and uses some Viken attacks in par with the Druid Skill Tree.

Dark Storm has the color of Darkish Blue, while Furious Storm is colored in Brown.

They accuse the Chase of being "violent", while Gaia doesn't need "violence". She already seems obvious to corruption.


Dark Storm has a numerous amount of attacks. Her standard hit slices not only in front of her, but above and below her as well. She can teleport behind her enemy and do a quick strike, similar to the Viken's Wild Justice. She may summon an indestructible Fire Totem that can explode with nearby targets, which the totem stays around for 10 seconds. She can also shoot a frontal-ranged beam. When she jumps, she will perform a 360 degree twirl with her blades.

A dangerous tool she has, is her resurrection. If players kill Furious Storm but take too long to kill Dark Storm, she'll revive her fallen sister to full health in which the opposite sister will do a 360 degree twirl attack upon recovering. Note that the body of the fallen sister will stay there until both are defeated and the resurrection can be done anywhere.


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