The Dark Hierophant (misspelled as Dark Heirophant also known as Dark Priest) is a mage-type monster that specializes in dark magic attacks. They seem to have the elements of fire and darkness and healing magic. On their right hand is the element of darkness and on the left is the element of fire and healing.

It is said that the Dark Hierophant is also capable of "rifting through the dimensions of time and space".


Dark Hierophants can cast dark purple orbs that fly straight across the screen at a fast speed which leaves a damage and a curse effect. They can also cast another orb, which is reddish and follows the nearest player, and if a player gets hit with it, the orb causes damage and depletes the player's MP completely. The red orb can be banished by one attack, however. Dark Hierophants can also cast a skill similar to Battle Mage's Deep Impact, which is indicated by when it claps its hands. For a close range attack, Hierophants cast red and purple flames from the ground that damages a player multiple times, which can deplete a player's MP completely, though without cursing the player.

It seems that the purple energy the Dark Hierophant emits causes cursing effects while the red energy absorbs Mana and converts it to health on its user.

Dark Hierophants are also capable of teleportation. This can be quite troublesome as Hierophants can teleport right near a player, unexpectedly attack (and/or drain all their MP), and teleport away.

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  • This is one of the two regular monsters that can teleport, the other being Magic Kungji.
  • Rumor has it that Dark Hierophants can use magic related to Time and Space. If this is the case, then they might have been able to go back to the past and destroy the Grand Chase before they could have been a potential threat to Thanatos.
    • However, Time Travel is known to be incredibly dangerous as it can drastically alter the future, which may be why they didn't perform time travel. Perhaps Thanatos could have wanted to spare them for his "game".

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