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Dark Anmon (or Dark Armon in other severs) is the boss of Battle for Bermesiah.

Dark Anmon is also summoned from the Boss Gate throughout Ellia.

Ever since the defeat of the Black Knights, the Black Fairy Queen now serves Dark Anmon. Also, he had given the Orc Lord a rebirth and greater, violent strength if he were to serve him. Many Bermesiahn creatures, mainly the Goblins, Stone Goblins, Orcs, Orc Warriors, Harpies, Gons, Gorgons, and Drillmon are now controlled by Dark Anmon, and in return, are given greater strength.
According to Ryan, Dark Anmon was a Nephilim who gave in to corruption and has transformed into a demon. He also states Dark Anmon is very evil and extremely powerful.
The Fallen Nephilim impedes the Chase who are heading to the "land of the gods", but ultimately underestimates them. Before he dies, Dark Anmon informs the group that the new evil will bring them fear and desperation. Ryan also pities him, but Dark Anmon tells him that it is useless.


A number of Dark Anmon's attacks reminiscence the Nephilim. Dark Anmon can perform a forward punching combo as his primary melee attack. He also has an attack where he will lunge himself forward, damaging players in his path. He may also jump to throw down a dark orb. He is able to disperse a large shockwave resembling Sentinel's Soul Impact.

He also has two Armored Cats aiding him and will replace them if any are killed.

Boss Gate Edit

Dark Anmon's retains his moveset in Battle for Bermesiah, with 1 additional attack. He is more likely to use his lunging attack and Soul Impact, reacts faster, and can summon a dark tornado that will damage anyone who comes in contact with it.


  • "Anmon" is also the name of troopers that were Bermesiahn Guardians which were corrupted into Kaze'aze's Minions. However, neither two have a relationship with each other.
  • Dark Anmon was the loose base of the Elsword enemy Dark Nephilim. Both are demonic Nephilims with powerful dark magic, had attacked a kingdom, and are in some way related to gods.

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